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Fontevraud .One of the largest and best preserved of the MAJOR MEDIEVAL ABBEYS .



One of the largest and best preserved of the major mediaeval abbeys. Tombs of the Plantagenet kings in the abbey church.
Founded at the beginning of the 12th century by Robert d’Abrissel, Fontevraud, one of the largest monastic communities in Chritendom, housed the Order of Fontevraud that was directed by 36 abbesses, including sixteen of royal blood, from 1115 to 1792. The Plantagenet kings were buried here and the four youngest daughters of Louis XV were educated at Fontevraud. The majestic dome of the abbey church and the astonishing size of the kitchens are symbols of the abbey’s power throughout the centuries.

Since 1975 it has been the Cultural Centre for Western France.

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